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Cloud Security Specialist (Complete Certification Exam)

Cloud Security Specialist (Complete Certification Exam)

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The complete Cloud Security Specialist certification exam covers topics from all 5 modules in the Cloud Security Specialist certification track. The duration of this exam is 110 minutes.

Purchase this online proctored exam if you’ve taken the Cloud Security course and would like to pursue certification as a Cloud Security Specialist, or if you would like to retake this exam to improve your grade.

Choose the Exam with Prep Kit option if you’d like to also receive access to a set of online interactive and automatically graded practice exam questions.

Because this complete exam encompasses course modules from two certifications, upon passing the exam you will receive official digital certificates and digital certification badges for both the Cloud Professional and Cloud Security Specialist accreditations.

If you’ve already achieved the Cloud Professional certification, then you do not need to take this complete exam. Instead, you can take the partial Cloud Security Specialist exam.

More information regarding this exam and the Cloud Security Specialist certification is provided on the Cloud Security Specialist Certification & Exam page.

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