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Complete the Quantum Computing course and, optionally, get accredited as a Certified Quantum Computing Specialist by passing the certification exam. You can purchase the course now and get the exam later, or you can get them together at a discount as part of the Certification Bundle.

Upon completing the course you will receive a digital certificate of completion, as well as a digital training badge from Acclaim/Credly. Upon getting certified you will also receive an official Quantum Computing Specialist digital accreditation certificate and certification badge from Acclaim/Credly, along with an account that can be used to verify your certification status.

The Quantum Computing course is comprised of the following 3 course modules, each of which has an estimated completion time of 10 hours:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Quantum Computing
  • Module 2: Advanced Quantum Computing
  • Module 3: Quantum Computing Lab

Choose the Certification Bundle to receive the entire course together with the online-proctored certification exam and a set of practice exam questions, all at a bundle discount.

Upon purchasing this course, you will automatically receive access via the Online Interactive eLearning platform. To provide you with the greatest flexibility, you will also have the option to access the course materials via two additional eLearning formats, at no extra cost. All three eLearning formats are briefly described below. A more detailed comparison can be found here.
  1. For everyday learning: An online interactive eLearning platform with individual lessons, as well as interactive and automatically graded exercises and practice questions.
  2. For learning on-the-go: A study kit platform with access to full course documents that support online/offline synching, annotations, comments, custom bookmarks and cross-document searches.
  3. For your reference: A set of printable PDF documents that you can keep (for all course workbooks and posters).
All three forms of access are subject to Arcitura’s *. Upon purchase, access to the online interactive eLearning platform (1) is provided within one business day. Access to the study kits (2) and the PDF documents (3) is provided upon request.

Shown below are the digital contents and the topic outline for each course module:

Module 1: Fundamental Quantum Computing

This course module explains quantum computing in plain English, with fundamental coverage of the benefits and challenges of working with quantum computers, as well as simplified coverage of the basic quantum mechanics concepts and principles that quantum computers are based upon. Also provided is an overview of individual quantum computer components and a step-by-step process description of how quantum computers carry out computations.

Course Module Contents

  • Workbook Lessons (100+ pages)
  • Mind Map Poster
  • Symbol Legend Poster

  • Practice Exam Questions
  • PDFs of Workbook and Posters (printable)

Topics Covered

  • A Comparison of Quantum Computers and Classical Computers
  • Quantum Computing Business and Technology Drivers
  • Quantum Computing Benefits
  • Common Risks and Challenges of Using Quantum Computing
  • Business Problem Addressed by Quantum Computing

  • Understanding Quantum Computing
  • Fundamental Terms and Concepts
  • Simplified Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Principles
  • Quantum Computer Components
  • The Quantum Computing Process: Step-by-Step
  • Common Quantum Computing Best Practices

Module 2: Advanced Quantum Computing

This course module expands upon some key quantum mechanics concepts and then covers a range of common techniques and quantum computational models to provide insight into the types of processing tasks quantum computers can carry out, as well as the runtime problems and environmental concerns that quantum computers commonly face. The course module does not cover any mathematical formulas or programming and is intended for general IT professionals.

Course Module Contents

  • Workbook Lessons (100+ pages)
  • Mind Map Poster

  • Practice Exam Questions
  • PDFs of Workbook and Posters (printable)

Topics Covered

  • More About Superposition, Entanglement & Quantum Gates
  • Quantum Walks, Ancilla Qubits, Quantum Tunneling
  • Quantum Entropy and Entropy Control
  • Quantum Computing Techniques
  • Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation (FTQC)
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

  • Grover’s Algorithm, Shor’s Algorithm
  • Quantum Computational Models, and Model Implementation Steps
  • Fundamental Gate-Based Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Annealing
  • Quantum Adiabatic Optimization (QAO)
  • Clustered State Computing
  • Measurement-Based Quantum Computing (MBQC)

Module 3: Quantum Computing Lab

This course module provides a series of case-study driven, lab-style exercises and problems that are designed to test your ability to apply your knowledge of topics covered in previous modules. Completing this lab helps reinforce understanding of preceding topics and further demonstrates how different practices and technologies can be applied together as part of greater solutions.

Course Module Contents

  • Lab Exercise Booklet
  • Mind Map Poster

  • Practice Exam Questions
  • PDFs of Exercise Booklet and Poster (printable)

Topics Covered

  • Reading Exercise 3.1 Case Study Background: FIN
  • Lab Exercise 3.2: Inadequate Classical Computing Infrastructure
  • Lab Exercise 3.3: New Computational Challenge and Decoherence Concerns
  • Lab Exercise 3.4: Runtime Error Conditions
  • Reading Exercise 3.5 Case Study Background: HQT

  • Lab Exercise 3.6: Computational Optimization Deficiencies
  • Lab Exercise 3.7: Gate-Based Computing Limitations
  • Lab Exercise 3.8: Funding Cuts and Infrastructure Concerns
  • Reading Exercise 3.9 Case Study Background: The Tax Office
  • Lab Exercise 3.10: Cyber-Attack
  • Lab Exercise 3.11: Data Vulnerability Testing

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